Kylee Turns ONE!

Some of my favorite images from my session with Little Miss Kylee for her First Birthday! ¬†What a cutie ūüėČ

Merrick Imagery--3

Merrick Imagery--5

Merrick Imagery--6

Merrick Imagery--7

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery--10

Merrick Imagery--12

Merrick Imagery--13

Merrick Imagery-040

Merrick Imagery-047

Merrick Imagery-095

Merrick Imagery-218


Kinsley’s 3 Month Photo Shoot!

This little girl was so sweet! ¬†Baby Portraits are one of my favorite sessions, there is nothing better in this world for a Mommy than experiencing Babyhood. ¬†It is a magical, yet exhausting time, however one of the best times of my life. ¬†I love spending time photographing this phase in their childs life for mom’s, it is so special and all too fast! ¬†This little sweetie was such a sport and gave me exactly what I was hoping for, personality, bright eyes, little smiles and of course a good nap! ¬†Kinsley also won a Cake Smash Session, which I can’t wait for! ¬†See you soon Little Miss Kinsley!

Merrick Imagery-004

Merrick Imagery-012

Merrick Imagery-013

Merrick Imagery-018

Merrick Imagery-030

Merrick Imagery-036

Merrick Imagery-050

Merrick Imagery-057 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-081-4

Merrick Imagery-089

Merrick Imagery-093

Merrick Imagery-103

Merrick Imagery-114

Merrick Imagery-115

Merrick Imagery-134

Merrick Imagery-172 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-187


The Gile Family

Merrick Imagery-130Wonderful Family Session! What a beautiful family to photograph :) Love these gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyed girls! ¬†Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your family and document a piece of this time in your life. ¬†Just having my second, I love watching the sibling bond flourish and your girls are a perfect example of¬†Sister Love…So Precious :)

Merrick Imagery-015 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-036 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-021 - Copy (2)

Merrick Imagery-039

Merrick Imagery-058

Merrick Imagery-066

Merrick Imagery-069-2 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-096

Merrick Imagery-140

Merrick Imagery-182

Merrick Imagery-080

Merrick Imagery-191

Merrick Imagery-240

Merrick Imagery-267

Merrick Imagery-253

Merrick Imagery-212

Merrick Imagery-341

Merrick Imagery-344


The New Addition to the Merrick Family



Tyler Austin Merrick 

Merrick Imagery-103Meet the new addition to the Merrick Family. ¬†I wasn’t sure how I could ever love another someone as much as I love my son Mason, but as my sister in law told me “your heart just grows bigger.” ¬†That couldn’t be more true, in the blink of an eye my life has changed and my heart has once again grown to make room for a new love. ¬†Now I am the proud mother of two beautiful healthy sons. ¬†Life feels wonderful! :)

Merrick Imagery-002

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-073-2

Merrick Imagery-088

Merrick Imagery-053

Merrick Imagery-023

Merrick Imagery-166

Merrick Imagery-168

Merrick Imagery-131

Merrick Imagery-132

Merrick Imagery-031

Merrick Imagery-044

Merrick Imagery-040

The Engler Family

Merrick Imagery-056What a FUN Family to photograph!  The Engler Family truly does know how to enjoy each others company :) Thank you for asking me to freeze a few moments in time for your family.  Family Portrait Sessions are fast moving and fun, we captured a TON of photos and I wanted to share some of my Favorites!  Enjoy :)

Merrick Imagery-029

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-080

Merrick Imagery-145

Merrick Imagery-162

Merrick Imagery-013

Merrick Imagery-013-2

Merrick Imagery-127

Merrick Imagery-176

Merrick Imagery-189

My Son, My Valentine


Merrick Imagery-70

The Perfect Valentine….

Loves Unconditionally, is Full of Adventure and Surprise, is Full of Joy, is Thoughtful, Lives in the Moment, Gives 110% to every part of his Life, Knows Exactly What He Wants and Does Not Stop Short of Achieving His Goals. ¬†My Son, My Valentine is the Perfect Valentine. ¬†We Love You Mason…You are Every Mothers Dream. ¬†

Merrick Imagery-67-3

Merrick Imagery-57

Merrick Imagery-17

Merrick Imagery-31

Merrick Imagery-32

Merrick Imagery-34

Merrick Imagery-37

Merrick Imagery-63

Merrick Imagery-61

Merrick Imagery-28

Be Mine