Haylee Turns ONE!!!

One of my Favorite Little Clients with her Mom & Dad!  I have had the wonderful opportunity to capture Miss Haylee three times in her first year of babyhood!  I had so much fun editing this one year session, it has some of my favorite shots too date!  Thank you to Courtnee and Scott for making me their adorable baby girl’s personal photographer to capture all her milestones, it is an honor 🙂 I look forward to watching Haylee transition into toddlerhood!  I am so excited to share with you some of her photos throughout out our time together this first year….AND…I hope you enjoy our special tee pee party for ONE! 


Merrick Imagery-132

Merrick Imagery-027

Merrick Imagery-150



WEB Merrick Imagery-024

WEB Merrick Imagery-145













The Jamieson-Addeo Wedding

Merrick Imagery--4

Welcome to the Jamieson-Addeo Wedding Day!  I wanted to take a moment to share with you their day through my lens, both portrait and candid moments as they happened.  As many of you know this was my First Wedding Shoot!  I was thrilled to be presented with this opportunity and so thankful to have my first wedding be with a couple as friendly, kind and fun as Marianna and Nathan!  I hope that in scrolling through the photo’s presented below you can experience the wedding and feel the joy that the couple exuded through-out their big day.    

Venue:  Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

Floral: Blossoms

Makeup & Hair: Makeup in the 702

Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal

Bakery:  Stunning cake by a Family Friend

Merrick Imagery-024

Merrick Imagery-039

Merrick Imagery-055

Merrick Imagery-060

Merrick Imagery-065

Merrick Imagery-091

Merrick Imagery-232

Merrick Imagery-087

Merrick Imagery-076

Merrick Imagery-075

Merrick Imagery-228

Merrick Imagery-109

Merrick Imagery-244

Merrick Imagery-209-2

Merrick Imagery-383

Merrick Imagery-168

Merrick Imagery-267

Merrick Imagery-137

Merrick Imagery-252

Merrick Imagery-135

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Merrick Imagery-2-20
Merrick Imagery-2-23

Merrick Imagery-2-24

Merrick Imagery-415

Merrick Imagery-437

Merrick Imagery-2-7

Merrick Imagery-454

Merrick Imagery-459

Merrick Imagery-2-25

Merrick Imagery-491

Merrick Imagery-500

Merrick Imagery-495
Merrick Imagery-512

Merrick Imagery-564

Merrick Imagery-579

Merrick Imagery-600

Merrick Imagery-598

Merrick Imagery-610

Merrick Imagery-633

Merrick Imagery-637

Merrick Imagery-652

Merrick Imagery-715

Merrick Imagery-729

Merrick Imagery-735

Merrick Imagery--5

Merrick Imagery-2-28

Merrick Imagery--4

Merrick Imagery--6

Merrick Imagery-

Merrick Imagery-288

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery--7

Merrick Imagery-829

Merrick Imagery-859

Merrick Imagery--12

Merrick Imagery--13

Merrick Imagery-763

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Merrick Imagery-308

Merrick Imagery-301

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Merrick Imagery-343

Merrick Imagery-913

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Merrick Imagery-1038

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Merrick Imagery-1068

Merrick Imagery-1076

Merrick Imagery-1111

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Merrick Imagery-1085

Merrick Imagery-1093

Merrick Imagery-1061

Merrick Imagery-1092

Merrick Imagery-1064

Merrick Imagery-1101

Merrick Imagery-1104

Merrick Imagery-1107

Merrick Imagery-1054

Merrick Imagery-1147

Merrick Imagery-1151

Merrick Imagery-1157

Merrick Imagery-1160

Merrick Imagery-1164

Merrick Imagery-1173

Merrick Imagery-1177









The New Addition to the Merrick Family



Tyler Austin Merrick 

Merrick Imagery-103Meet the new addition to the Merrick Family.  I wasn’t sure how I could ever love another someone as much as I love my son Mason, but as my sister in law told me “your heart just grows bigger.”  That couldn’t be more true, in the blink of an eye my life has changed and my heart has once again grown to make room for a new love.  Now I am the proud mother of two beautiful healthy sons.  Life feels wonderful! 🙂

Merrick Imagery-002

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-073-2

Merrick Imagery-088

Merrick Imagery-053

Merrick Imagery-023

Merrick Imagery-166

Merrick Imagery-168

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Merrick Imagery-132

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Merrick Imagery-044

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