The Art Series 1: STUDIO

I am SO thrilled with the results from my very first Art Series!  My entire goal for these sessions is to develop my art and hone in on MY style.  I no longer want to be just a Portrait Photographer who takes “nice portraits”…I want to be a Portrait Artist whose work is recognizably a “Crystal Merrick Image”.  I am working on developing a brand and a style that speaks to me and a style that hopefully resonates with you, my audience!  I want to create something that speaks to you, an image of you or your loved one that sparks emotion and warms your heart.


I will be hosting a different Art Series each month.  Something captivating with an artistic root and a dynamic presence.  All of these will be specific dates and times and come with a specific set of participant qualifications as I will be looking to create a very specific look.  All will be amazingly priced.  To learn more and know when they are sign up for my Art Series Facebook Group and/or join my E-Club.


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First Newborn Shoot of 2018!

I love seeing my families grow!  Getting the opportunity to photograph them over the years is so rewarding.  This is one of my favorite families newest editions, meet LJ.  He is the brother of Miss Olivia and Evy whom you may have seen featured on my page over the past year.  I adore this little handmade puppy outfit LJ is modeling so perfectly!  Thank you Hernandez Family for choosing Merrick Imagery, I look forward to working with your family for years to come and watching your little ones grow!

The Hughes Family – Urban Style Shoot

So I have been dying to Shoot Urban for about a year now and just never made it down there…I absolutely LOVE it!  Thank you Jessica and Shaun for choosing Merrick Imagery and choosing a unique location!  It was a great opportunity and I hope that you love the images we captured!  Your boys are so handsome and your family really looks great together.  I love getting to work with families that have such a strong bond, it really shows in their images.  I had a great time photographing this family and hope to see these boys grow through my lens over the years to come!

Fast FIVE!

How is my Handsome Little Boy already FIVE?!  Mason is a ball of fire, he is his very own Sun and my very own Sunshine.  He represents all that is Fun, Joyful and Happy.  Mason is a blast to be around, always the life of the party, seeking the fun in everything he does!  This Smile makes my world so complete! 


Being a Car Loving Enthusiast just like his daddy and a Need for Speed…Mason had a “Fast Five” Birthday Party!  Compete with “Race Wars” with his friends and all!  (I have included those below, Too Cute)  

Love you with all My Heart Bubba XOXO

Let the RACE WARS begin!!


Welcome Baby Josie <3

Welcome Baby Josie!  This Little Cutie is Sister to one of my Favorite Little Clients…Miss Kinsley!  Newborn Portrait Photography is one of my favorite to shoot, it is so rewarding.  Newborn’s transition so quickly that it is important to capture them in their first week of life.  I am so honored to of worked with this family for over two years with the opportunity to see their family grow. I am excited for the family of four and look forward to photographing these Sisters in the near future!  

Welcome Baby Aveen!