Meet Baby Emilee

I am thrilled to publish my favorites from Little Emilee’s Newborn Session!  The Apple family welcomes the 4th member of their family and I was the lucky photographer that got the opportunity to capture this amazing part of her life 🙂 It seems like such a short time ago I was taking her big sisters newborn portraits!  Thank you so much Apple Family for letting Merrick Imagery help you cherish these important moments and milestones for a lifetime!

The Art Series 1: STUDIO

I am SO thrilled with the results from my very first Art Series!  My entire goal for these sessions is to develop my art and hone in on MY style.  I no longer want to be just a Portrait Photographer who takes “nice portraits”…I want to be a Portrait Artist whose work is recognizably a “Crystal Merrick Image”.  I am working on developing a brand and a style that speaks to me and a style that hopefully resonates with you, my audience!  I want to create something that speaks to you, an image of you or your loved one that sparks emotion and warms your heart.


I will be hosting a different Art Series each month.  Something captivating with an artistic root and a dynamic presence.  All of these will be specific dates and times and come with a specific set of participant qualifications as I will be looking to create a very specific look.  All will be amazingly priced.  To learn more and know when they are sign up for my Art Series Facebook Group and/or join my E-Club.


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The New Addition to the Merrick Family



Tyler Austin Merrick 

Merrick Imagery-103Meet the new addition to the Merrick Family.  I wasn’t sure how I could ever love another someone as much as I love my son Mason, but as my sister in law told me “your heart just grows bigger.”  That couldn’t be more true, in the blink of an eye my life has changed and my heart has once again grown to make room for a new love.  Now I am the proud mother of two beautiful healthy sons.  Life feels wonderful! 🙂

Merrick Imagery-002

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-073-2

Merrick Imagery-088

Merrick Imagery-053

Merrick Imagery-023

Merrick Imagery-166

Merrick Imagery-168

Merrick Imagery-131

Merrick Imagery-132

Merrick Imagery-031

Merrick Imagery-044

Merrick Imagery-040