Haylee Turns ONE!!!

One of my Favorite Little Clients with her Mom & Dad!  I have had the wonderful opportunity to capture Miss Haylee three times in her first year of babyhood!  I had so much fun editing this one year session, it has some of my favorite shots too date!  Thank you to Courtnee and Scott for making me their adorable baby girl’s personal photographer to capture all her milestones, it is an honor :) I look forward to watching Haylee transition into toddlerhood!  I am so excited to share with you some of her photos throughout out our time together this first year….AND…I hope you enjoy our special tee pee party for ONE! 


Merrick Imagery-132

Merrick Imagery-027

Merrick Imagery-150



WEB Merrick Imagery-024

WEB Merrick Imagery-145













Kinsley’s 3 Month Photo Shoot!

This little girl was so sweet!  Baby Portraits are one of my favorite sessions, there is nothing better in this world for a Mommy than experiencing Babyhood.  It is a magical, yet exhausting time, however one of the best times of my life.  I love spending time photographing this phase in their childs life for mom’s, it is so special and all too fast!  This little sweetie was such a sport and gave me exactly what I was hoping for, personality, bright eyes, little smiles and of course a good nap!  Kinsley also won a Cake Smash Session, which I can’t wait for!  See you soon Little Miss Kinsley!

Merrick Imagery-004

Merrick Imagery-012

Merrick Imagery-013

Merrick Imagery-018

Merrick Imagery-030

Merrick Imagery-036

Merrick Imagery-050

Merrick Imagery-057 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-081-4

Merrick Imagery-089

Merrick Imagery-093

Merrick Imagery-103

Merrick Imagery-114

Merrick Imagery-115

Merrick Imagery-134

Merrick Imagery-172 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-187


Haylee’s Newborn Session

Merrick Imagery-106

Meet Miss Haylee.  What a little treasure for her family :) This little sweetness was born a few weeks before Halloween and went as an Angel for Halloween, how appropriate!  This bright eyed cutie was so sweet and content, even awake!  Congratulations to Courtnee and Scott, enjoy parenthood for it is the most rewarding experience of your lives!  

Merrick Imagery-133

Merrick Imagery-132

Merrick Imagery-150

Merrick Imagery-143

Merrick Imagery-078

Merrick Imagery-059

Merrick Imagery-051

Merrick Imagery-027

Merrick Imagery-040

Merrick Imagery-016

Merrick Imagery-004

Merrick Imagery-174

Brynn’s 3 Month Photo Shoot!


Merrick Imagery-239Brynn’s 3 Month Photo Shoot!  Sassy Sweetness :) I love this age, transitioning through newborn to babyhood!  Finding her toes, flashing that Oh So Cute Smile, Sassin Me when she is not having it, then finally sleeping like a little angel.

Merrick Imagery-245

Merrick Imagery-022

Merrick Imagery-028

Merrick Imagery-010

Merrick Imagery-005

Merrick Imagery-072

Merrick Imagery-066

Merrick Imagery-055

Baby Brynn

Merrick Imagery-142

Merrick Imagery-180

Merrick Imagery-113

Merrick Imagery-111

Merrick Imagery-096

Merrick Imagery-2

Merrick Imagery-209

Merrick Imagery-2-2

Merrick Imagery-2x

A New Bundle of Joy!

Merrick Imagery-044

One of my good friends just welcomed her first baby into this world.  What an ANGEL!  No one can prepare you for the love that fills your heart and completes your family.  I wish her the most wonderful journey in motherhood.  It is worth every sleepless night, every ounce of fear, all the effort put in, any amount of pain and every tear shed.  Your child becomes your proudest accomplishment and where you will find the most joy in life.  Good Luck Ayeesha & Owen…Enjoy Parenthood, there is nothing like it!  

Welcome to the World Kylee!

Merrick Imagery-044-2

Merrick Imagery-068

Merrick Imagery-172

Merrick Imagery-008

Merrick Imagery-015

Merrick Imagery-080

Merrick Imagery-081

Merrick Imagery-091

Merrick Imagery-122

Merrick Imagery-182