2016 in Review

2016 was a Great Year! 

January of 2016 I made a BIG move!  I jumped through the hoops and made Merrick Imagery an official Business!  How exciting right?!  I knew this would be a major juggling act between having a full time job dictating my schedule, being a Mom, a Wife and now a Business Owner.  Trying to make all areas of my life thrive is exhausting, but I put my head down, did my best and am thrilled with the progress I have made!  This journey began for me 4 years ago…I had my first son Mason and quickly realized that an 8-4 (or 6-4) was NOT for me!  Something had to change.  Luckily I found photography and set a plan.  At the time it seemed like forever away and a daunting task to accomplish with a full time job and a new baby, but I stuck with it…1-year with The Photography Institute, 1-Year working on my craft with friends and family, attending my first Photoshop World Conference, Meeting and Interacting with some tremendously inspiring and talented photographers, joining photography groups dedicated to helping one another learn, grow and advance in their dreams, getting published in 2 magazines and finally this year’s goal was to Get Legal and Shoot as much as possible with-out driving myself or my family crazy!  Now I stare out the window at the vision that I so patiently and steadily worked for and it is so close, I Can’t Wait!


Thank you to all of my clients.  Those that I have just met and those that have been with me on this journey from the beginning!  I have had the opportunity to meet and work with very supportive, fun, beautiful families this year and want you all to know that you are appreciated!  (Oh, and did I mention that I shot my first wedding this year!  A special thank you to the Happy Couple that encouraged me and trusted me to photograph their big day, it was a great experience for me and it showed me how much I was capable of!)  My clients are what makes this happen for me and I hope to over deliver for you EVERY time we shoot together!


Thank you to my husband that has been patient and understanding while I spent almost every night dedicating myself to my new business and hours into the night editing until my eyes closed.  It isn’t slowing down just yet, but my goal is to make a better family life for all of us using my business as that bridge!  Thank you for the support and continually watering my dreams.


Thank you to my sons that are patient while mommy edits “just one more photo” or watches some webinar.

Thank you to my Dad for guidance and business advise.

Thank you to my Mom for being my biggest fan and cheerleader.


2017 is going to be an Amazing Year!  Leap-of-Faith here I come!  Now let’s get shooting! 

Here are some of my favorite images from the awesome people I worked with this year, Enjoy!


Merrick Imagery-021

Merrick Imagery-165



Merrick Imagery-083

Merrick Imagery-103

Merrick Imagery-058

Merrick Imagery-001




Merrick Imagery-074

Merrick Imagery-076

Merrick Imagery--7




Merrick Imagery-

Merrick Imagery--9

Merrick Imagery--4

Merrick Imagery-175

Merrick Imagery--3

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery--5







Merrick Imagery--4

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery--7

Merrick Imagery-091

Merrick Imagery-232





merrick-imagery merrick-imagery-060 merrick-imagery-075 merrick-imagery-078















































Highlights from a Wonderful 2015!

2015 has been such a wonderful year, a juggling act, but still a wonderful year.  Newborn, Baby & Child Fine Art Portrait Photography is where my creative soul has found a place to flourish. This year I had the opportunity to work with some great families and amazing little ones.   Looking back over this last year has shown me the tremendous progress I have made in taking my new venture to the next level.  I am so looking forward to what 2016 has in store for my photography career!  I am finally making the transition to Merrick Imagery as a main career focus and with a LOT of hard work, family support and dedication I look can’t wait to truly begin pursuing this new chapter of my life.


On a more personal note, I was blessed with another healthy, amazing, handsome little son to fill my heart with heaps of love and my life with so much joy! Watching my two sons play, learn and grow brings fun and peace to this everyday grind.


I wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy & Productive 2016!  Do more of what makes your Heart Happy.  Worry Less about what you can’t change and stay focused on what really matters in this crazy world.  Oh… and even though life is busy and stressful, this is possibly the best time of your life, don’t forget to stop and capture it with a Portrait to cherish for a lifetime.

Merrick Imagery-103

Merrick Imagery-081-3

Merrick Imagery-089

Merrick Imagery-134

Merrick Imagery-187

Merrick Imagery-106

Merrick Imagery-133

Merrick Imagery-033 (1)

Merrick Imagery-089-2

Merrick Imagery-105

Merrick Imagery-076

Merrick Imagery-018

Merrick Imagery-341

Merrick Imagery-276

Merrick Imagery-240

Merrick Imagery-069-2 - Copy

Merrick Imagery-066

Merrick Imagery-039

Merrick Imagery-172

Merrick Imagery-122

Merrick Imagery-044-2

Merrick Imagery-127

Merrick Imagery-056

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-145

Merrick Imagery-064

Merrick Imagery-166

Merrick Imagery-103

Merrick Imagery-031

Merrick Imagery-044

The Engler Family

Merrick Imagery-056What a FUN Family to photograph!  The Engler Family truly does know how to enjoy each others company 🙂 Thank you for asking me to freeze a few moments in time for your family.  Family Portrait Sessions are fast moving and fun, we captured a TON of photos and I wanted to share some of my Favorites!  Enjoy 🙂

Merrick Imagery-029

Merrick Imagery-073

Merrick Imagery-080

Merrick Imagery-145

Merrick Imagery-162

Merrick Imagery-013

Merrick Imagery-013-2

Merrick Imagery-127

Merrick Imagery-176

Merrick Imagery-189

Fun Senior Portrait Session!

Merrick Imagery-13I remember Senior Year as an exciting time!  Full of life, energy and the free feeling of a wide open future.  It can be intimidating to decide which route to take in life, but the best part is you have options and time on your side.  Not knowing where the wind will blow you or what direction you “should” choose is a daunting feeling, rest assured life moves quickly and you’ll find your way before you know it.  I drifted through my 20’s and finally found my passion in my 30’s…Portrait Photography.  So to all Seniors out there you do not need to know what you want to do in this life right this second…just get on living it.  Now is the time to experience everything, enjoy life, travel, work, learn, grow, make new friends, take some risks and never get lazy or complacent!  Best of Luck to you…Make the Best of this time in your life! 🙂  

Merrick Imagery-3

Merrick Imagery-17

Merrick Imagery-21

Merrick Imagery-38

Merrick Imagery-49

Merrick Imagery-75

Merrick Imagery-82

Merrick Imagery-85

MASON is Turning 2!!

Merrick Imagery-9217-Recovered

A fun day with my men…we can’t believe our little man is turning 2 already!  Mason you are the light of our lives and the apple of our eyes!  We are having the time of our lives being your parents.  You have completed our lives and filled our hearts with an overwhelming amount of peace, love and joy!  Happy Birthday to the most amazing son in the World!

Merrick Imagery-9034

Merrick Imagery-9196

Merrick Imagery-9205

Merrick Imagery-9203

Merrick Imagery-9055

Merrick Imagery-9046

Merrick Imagery-9060

Merrick Imagery-9092

Merrick Imagery-9108

Merrick Imagery-9130

Merrick Imagery-9194

Merrick Imagery-9197

Merrick Imagery-9198

Merrick Imagery-9199

Merrick Imagery-9220