Welcome to the World Baby Kayden!

Coming into this world 7 weeks early, Baby Kayden is 1 month old here in his newborn photos and weighing in at just 5 lbs.  He is a healthy baby boy with a thrilled Mom and Dad and a one year old Big Sister to look after him.  Thank you for asking me to photograph this handsome little addition to your beautiful family.  I look forward to watching both Kylee and Kayden grow 🙂 
















The Jamieson-Addeo Wedding

Merrick Imagery--4

Welcome to the Jamieson-Addeo Wedding Day!  I wanted to take a moment to share with you their day through my lens, both portrait and candid moments as they happened.  As many of you know this was my First Wedding Shoot!  I was thrilled to be presented with this opportunity and so thankful to have my first wedding be with a couple as friendly, kind and fun as Marianna and Nathan!  I hope that in scrolling through the photo’s presented below you can experience the wedding and feel the joy that the couple exuded through-out their big day.    

Venue:  Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

Floral: Blossoms

Makeup & Hair: Makeup in the 702

Wedding Dress:  David’s Bridal

Bakery:  Stunning cake by a Family Friend

Merrick Imagery-024

Merrick Imagery-039

Merrick Imagery-055

Merrick Imagery-060

Merrick Imagery-065

Merrick Imagery-091

Merrick Imagery-232

Merrick Imagery-087

Merrick Imagery-076

Merrick Imagery-075

Merrick Imagery-228

Merrick Imagery-109

Merrick Imagery-244

Merrick Imagery-209-2

Merrick Imagery-383

Merrick Imagery-168

Merrick Imagery-267

Merrick Imagery-137

Merrick Imagery-252

Merrick Imagery-135

Merrick Imagery-2-19

Merrick Imagery-3-4

Merrick Imagery-2-20
Merrick Imagery-2-23

Merrick Imagery-2-24

Merrick Imagery-415

Merrick Imagery-437

Merrick Imagery-2-7

Merrick Imagery-454

Merrick Imagery-459

Merrick Imagery-2-25

Merrick Imagery-491

Merrick Imagery-500

Merrick Imagery-495
Merrick Imagery-512

Merrick Imagery-564

Merrick Imagery-579

Merrick Imagery-600

Merrick Imagery-598

Merrick Imagery-610

Merrick Imagery-633

Merrick Imagery-637

Merrick Imagery-652

Merrick Imagery-715

Merrick Imagery-729

Merrick Imagery-735

Merrick Imagery--5

Merrick Imagery-2-28

Merrick Imagery--4

Merrick Imagery--6

Merrick Imagery-

Merrick Imagery-288

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery--7

Merrick Imagery-829

Merrick Imagery-859

Merrick Imagery--12

Merrick Imagery--13

Merrick Imagery-763

Merrick Imagery-314

Merrick Imagery-309

Merrick Imagery-308

Merrick Imagery-301

Merrick Imagery-316

Merrick Imagery-322

Merrick Imagery-325

Merrick Imagery-328

Merrick Imagery-320

Merrick Imagery-340

Merrick Imagery-343

Merrick Imagery-913

Merrick Imagery--10

Merrick Imagery-1000

Merrick Imagery-1006

Merrick Imagery-1020

Merrick Imagery-1029

Merrick Imagery-1030

Merrick Imagery-1033

Merrick Imagery-1035

Merrick Imagery-1038

Merrick Imagery-1114

Merrick Imagery-1068

Merrick Imagery-1076

Merrick Imagery-1111

Merrick Imagery-1051

Merrick Imagery-1085

Merrick Imagery-1093

Merrick Imagery-1061

Merrick Imagery-1092

Merrick Imagery-1064

Merrick Imagery-1101

Merrick Imagery-1104

Merrick Imagery-1107

Merrick Imagery-1054

Merrick Imagery-1147

Merrick Imagery-1151

Merrick Imagery-1157

Merrick Imagery-1160

Merrick Imagery-1164

Merrick Imagery-1173

Merrick Imagery-1177









Marie & Daniel – Military Weekend Shoot

Merrick Imagery--9

Merrick Imagery-3

Merrick Imagery-2

Merrick Imagery--8

Merrick Imagery-

Merrick Imagery-106

Merrick Imagery--6

Merrick Imagery--7

Merrick Imagery--4

Merrick Imagery--5

Merrick Imagery-2-2